Mainichi Medallion Brooch


To celebrate my latest exhibition "The Ritual of Everyday" I will be regularly posting a piece of handmade jewellery from the exhibition.  (This is all in the hope that I will be inspired to blog a little more regularly!)

This particular design is a medallion brooch, handmade from many recycled materials.  It is selling for $75AU and the exhibition catalogue description is as follows:

Recycled plastic bottle lid, recycled rubber disc, recycled wooden disc (salvaged from my Grandfather’s wood turning workshop), plaster fish shapes hand cast from plastic soy sauce bottles and sealed with clear acrylic sealer, cotton/poly thread hand twisted into rope, wooden bead hand dyed, cotton/poly thread handmade pompom, glue, cotton/poly thread, recycled grosgrain ribbon, pure wool felt locally hand dyed, metal brooch pin.

Current Exhibition "The Ritual of Everyday"

Mainichi Hairclip Fascinator


The Ritual of Everyday

Artist Dearne Mills (Mainichi)
Designer Mainichi showcases sustainable and delectable jewellery inspired by the everyday ritual of enjoying food.

The Memo, Healesville
SUN 15 FEB - SUN 15 MAR 2015

Mainichi will present a delectable selection of jewellery pieces inspired by the everyday ritual of eating and enjoying food.  Take a journey through a visual feast of works, sustainably created using waste packaging
and recycled materials. These materials will be repurposed into sculptural works that will tantalise your senses; so that each and every day you may enjoy a taste of good design, delivered with minimal impact on the environment.

Presented by Yarra Ranges Council and Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program.

For more info go to


Successful Living

When you look around at your family home and living environments do you want to feel comfortable, proud, relaxed?

Is your home telling you "yes, you have succeeded in creating the environment you want to be in?"

Or is it saying something more like "I'm feeling a little tired, I think I need to lie down for a bit?!"

Mainichi offers a professional interior design service that will help you create the family living environment you have been dreaming about.  Mainichi can provide advice from internal space planning, cabinetry layout and design, finishes and fittings selections, lighting design all the way through to helping purchase those small decorative details that make the icing on the cake.

Servicing Melbourne and the Yarra Ranges.  Contact Dearne via email mainichidesign(at)

Click here to see some past projects.

NEW Mainichi necklaces in stock in shop!

Mainichi Australian Desert Timber Bead Necklaces


New Aussie bead necklaces have been added to the shop today - come by and check them out here:

Black leather

Brown leather

Gold leather

More to come! Stay tuned. And of course if you see anything in the shop but would like a different colour or a different size I'm happy to custom make for you.  Just shoot me an email mainichidesign(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Happy Friday.



Interiors shopping - Rugs

I know I have been absent from my new blog for quite some time, and my reason for that is being very busy with life generally (as any single parent with two young children can attest to) AND working on a very exciting interiors project in the beautiful Yarra Valley.

My client is currently preparing for the chaos of demolition to begin in her house, but in the meantime I am going to jump ahead and share with you a couple of interior options I've come across for RUGS.

Beautiful rugs are something we all wish we had at least one of.  Unfortunately it's also something that we don't always "invest" money in, unlike furniture (perhaps that is just me?!). However, it is worth thinking about sinking some money into if you want to lift a room out of plain and austere to bright and colourful, or soft and welcoming (and maybe a bit cuddly too).

Firstly, one of my go to suppliers for locally made rugs is Designer Rugs, who have a showroom in St Kilda.  They work with lots of amazing Australian designers, across various disciplines, and regularly release new designs that keep their range very fresh and exciting.

Here is one of my favourites from their collaboration with Dinosaur Designs:

And another from iconic (I think I can call him that) Australian Fashion Designer Akira Isogawa:

If you'd rather something plainer, but with a bolt of colour, you can't go past Tretford goat hair carpet rugs.  In conjunction with interior designer Fiona Lynch, they have recently introduced a range of geometric designs, which I really love:

And if you don't mind paying a little more for something rather special, European based Nani Marquina (available in Australia through Ke-Zu) produces many quirky designs, one of which I specified about six years ago for a client, and it's still looking fabulous and contemporary in her home.  Here's a recent collaboration with Tord Boonjte that celebrates handcraft, felt and flowers - what more could a woman want!

And another - this design is quite a few years old now, but still very cute, a little kitsch and looks really snuggly to boot.....I just want to squish my fingertips into this rug!

While we are on the topic of Nani Marquina, it is worth taking a look at her website, as well as having lots of quirky and interesting rug designs, she is very environmentally and socially aware. Make sure you have plenty of time - there is alot to see and read about there. So, enjoy, and I hope to be back with some more enticing interiors products to show you real soon.

Mainichi welcomes you to the new site


Welcome to the new website for my relaunched design practice, Mainichi.  Incorporating online shop, blog and project portfolio, it's a one stop destination for Melbourne based design.  Here's a little explanation about where I've come from and where I'm going.........


Mainichi is a design studio located on the edge of the picturesque Yarra Valley near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Mainichi started out in 2004 making a range of handcrafted, unique jewellery pieces from recycled and upcycled materials. This year (2013) Mainichi re-launches through this website as the multi-disciplinary design practice of designer Dearne Mills (formerly Dearne Herrenberg Interiors), bringing together over fifteen years of experience designing interior environments with a passion for uncomplicated, sensitive and playful design and craft.


Dearne says of her interiors work in the architectural publication "Open Doors":

"I appreciate the simplicity in all things, and I bring this attitude to my work.  I am excited by interiors that are engaging, human-oriented and not too serious.....It's my belief that design should provide comfort, add value and aesthetic quality, and still be practical.  Too often, contemporary interiors are slick and cold, not allowing for the human factor."


I look forward to sharing my work, and all things design, craft, Yarra Valley and Melbourne with you, through this new site.

Written by Dearne Mills — May 22, 2013

Mainichi - Tweet tweet


I think I love Twitter. It's quick. It's succinct. The are cool people from my glory days there, like the divisive Helen Razer. I'm sorry blog, sometimes you are just too clunky and time sucking to enjoy. In comparison. And all I need is my trusty smart phone. Take photo, write, publish. Bam. Just like that. And its so perfect for someone who rarely gets to hear, read or see the news. Just refer to twitter! I think I love you.

Pictured above: new necklaces combining resin beads and Australian bush timber beads on leather thonging.

Mainichi - New, new and new


It's all about new and remodelled for me this year. I have embarked on a new journey in my personal life, one which has been brewing all of last year (and if you know me well enough, you would know also, brewing well before then too). I have a new house to live in, along with a new studio. I have relocated to said house with my two beautiful children, into a new neighbourhood. My dear boy has started at a new school. And here I have a delicious new website, incorporating my new blog and dedicated online store for Mainichi. And the new journey for my working life is the merging of my two disciplines under the one banner, bringing together my passions for making, and interiors under the banner of Mainichi. So please take a look around. Enjoy the eye candy. And please support local, Australian talent and design, and partake in one of my creations in the shop. Or share the news with your nearest and dearest. Oh yes, and I'm on twitter now too. Just look for MainichiDesign. Hope to see you here regularly!

And new brooch designs - slight departure from the usual circular motifs. These are inspired by all things geometric happening in interiors at present. Featuring pieces of recycled leather samples, cut by hand and stitched randomly. My favourite thread to use with this leather is the fluorescent pink and yellow kind!



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