Since December last year I have been (gradually) moving into my new, home-based studio. What a job, moving not only house (with two bambinos) but also studio. I would not recommend it! However the new studio more than makes up for the inconvenience of moving. And while I no longer have the luxury features of my former studio (like my gorgeous built in cabinets, custom designed - you can see more the that in the projects section of this site) what I do have now is a magnificent view of the Yarra Valley from the windows of the mezzanine level studio. At times it feels as if I'm working in a treehouse, and any moment all the fun will be spoiled when a voice calls out "play time is over". Being elevated is not only great for the inspirational views, but it also means all my work mess is no longer amongst all our house mess! I can walk away from work in progress, and get on with home life without staring at a diabolically messy desk. I hope this photo gives you some idea of the beauty up here near the hills. Some days it makes you just stop. And breathe. Lovely, truly lovely. I cannot wait for the change of season to really see the beauty in the ranges.

Written by Dearne Mills — March 02, 2013



You live in the Stanley Blott house. Lucky you! I took some photographs of it a couple of years ago and recognised it from the pointed roof and agaves out the front.
P. S I stumbled across your blog from seeing your necklaces on Etsy.

November 14 2014 at 10:11 AM

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