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It's all about new and remodelled for me this year. I have embarked on a new journey in my personal life, one which has been brewing all of last year (and if you know me well enough, you would know also, brewing well before then too). I have a new house to live in, along with a new studio. I have relocated to said house with my two beautiful children, into a new neighbourhood. My dear boy has started at a new school. And here I have a delicious new website, incorporating my new blog and dedicated online store for Mainichi. And the new journey for my working life is the merging of my two disciplines under the one banner, bringing together my passions for making, and interiors under the banner of Mainichi. So please take a look around. Enjoy the eye candy. And please support local, Australian talent and design, and partake in one of my creations in the shop. Or share the news with your nearest and dearest. Oh yes, and I'm on twitter now too. Just look for MainichiDesign. Hope to see you here regularly!

And new brooch designs - slight departure from the usual circular motifs. These are inspired by all things geometric happening in interiors at present. Featuring pieces of recycled leather samples, cut by hand and stitched randomly. My favourite thread to use with this leather is the fluorescent pink and yellow kind!


A new studio for Mainichi


Since December last year I have been (gradually) moving into my new, home-based studio. What a job, moving not only house (with two bambinos) but also studio. I would not recommend it! However the new studio more than makes up for the inconvenience of moving. And while I no longer have the luxury features of my former studio (like my gorgeous built in cabinets, custom designed - you can see more the that in the projects section of this site) what I do have now is a magnificent view of the Yarra Valley from the windows of the mezzanine level studio. At times it feels as if I'm working in a treehouse, and any moment all the fun will be spoiled when a voice calls out "play time is over". Being elevated is not only great for the inspirational views, but it also means all my work mess is no longer amongst all our house mess! I can walk away from work in progress, and get on with home life without staring at a diabolically messy desk. I hope this photo gives you some idea of the beauty up here near the hills. Some days it makes you just stop. And breathe. Lovely, truly lovely. I cannot wait for the change of season to really see the beauty in the ranges.

Written by Dearne Mills — March 02, 2013

Stuck in a rut?


Above:  Mainichi "Machu" wall sculpture, design copyright Mainichi Design 2011

Another recently completed project....before the little Miss arrived it felt as though I was motoring through half completed jobs. Maybe something to do with the planets aligning.....or the impending due date that was looming!

This is a giant version of one of my Machu wood brooches, created from recycled bamboo skewers and chopsticks.

Above:  Mainichi "Machu" Brooch, design copyright Mainichi Design 2011


I've been wanting to play around with the scale of my jewellery work for quite a while. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. I'd like to hang a couple of the brooch size versions around it. And perhaps add some colour. Although I do like the "natural" look, and I'd also love to produce one in a glossy black or white....


This all taps into the idea of creating jewellery as sculpture, for decorating not just the body but also the interior space....I think there is some merit in this concept, perhaps a future project or exhibition in the making.

Written by Dearne Herrenberg — September 21, 2012

Recycled Aussies

Presenting a new addition to the Mainichi range, these gorgeous handmade recycled Aussie bush timber beads, sourced from Western Australia, have been carefully selected for their complementary, organic shapes and strung onto a length of my handmade rope.  Also available with leather thonging in various colours.

The rope is created by hand, using a bunch of salvaged wool thread from a defunct knitting mill once located in St Kilda.  Lots of colours to choose from, if you fancy a custom make email me mainichidesignatgmaildotcom


Written by Dearne Mills — January 23, 2012


Mainichi is a Melbourne based design practice encompassing jewellery, objects and interior design. Created by designer and artist, Dearne Mills.

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