Cuisenaire Rods Necklace by Mainichi


A necklace created from recycled, vintage wooden cuisenaire counting rods, drilled and combined with other vintage wooden beads, strung onto a strand of genuine leather.

Cuisenaire rods were used in many Australian primary schools as mathematical teaching aid.  Originally conceived in the 1920's by a Belgian school teacher, Georges Cuisenaire (1891-1975), and popularised again in the 1950's.


Size: adjustable to 45cm from back of neck, group of beads vary from 16cm - 22cm wide and 5cm - 8cm long


Mainichi is the studio of designer and artist Dearne Mills.  Since 2004 Dearne has been designing and handmaking unique jewellery pieces using mostly recycled, salvaged, upcycled and unusual materials.


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Mainichi is a Melbourne based design practice encompassing jewellery, objects and interior design. Created by designer and artist, Dearne Mills.

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